The group of international teachers is responsible for the teaching in the LoAC and Ethics courses and the development of the course content which is regularly updated. They are coordinated by the respective head teachers.

LoAC Teachers

Col Johan Crouse (Head LoAC Teacher, South Africa)

Cpt Eléonore Carrot (France)

Ms Pamela Ermuth (Canada)

LtCol (ret) Sylvain Fournier (Canada)

LtCol Özlem Kayadibi (Germany)

Col (ret) Ivan Kholikov (Russia)

LtCol (ret) Thorsten Schaay (Germany)

Dr Maha Shimi (Tunisia)

Col Cord von Einem (Germany)


Ethics Teachers


Dr. phil. Daniel Messelken, Head Ethics Teacher (Switzerland)
DM is a research associate at the Center for Ethics at Zurich University and leader of the Zurich Center for Military Medical Ethics ( He is member of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Military Ethics in Europe (EuroISME). DM studied Philosophy and Political Science in Leipzig and Paris and received his PhD in philosophy from the University of Leipzig in 2010.
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Dr. phil. habil. Bernhard Koch (Germany)
BK studied philosophy, logic and philosophy of science in Munich and Vienna and received his doctorate in 2006 with a thesis on the Roman philosopher Cicero. He joined the Institute for Theology and Peace in 2007 and has since taught at the University of Armed Forces Hamburg, Goethe University Frankfurt (Main) and the University of Freiburg, where he habilitated in moral theology in 2020.