International LoAC and Ethics Teachers

The group of international teachers is responsible for the teaching in the LoAC and Ethics courses and the development of the course content which is regularly updated. They are coordinated by the respective head teachers.

LoAC Teachers

Col Johan Crouse (Head LoAC Teacher, South Africa)

Col Riad Allani (Tunisia)

Ms Pamela Ermuth (Canada)

LtCol (ret) Sylvain Fournier (Canada)

Col Ivan Kholikov (Russia)

Col Kevin O'Brien (South Afrifa)

LtCol (ret) Thorsten Schaay (Germany)

LtCol (ret) Cord von Einem (Germany)

Maj Andreas Wildi (Switzerland)

SCol Min Yu (China)


Ethics Teachers

Dr. phil. Daniel Messelken (Head Ethics Teacher, Switzerland)

Dr. phil. Bernhard Koch (Germany)

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