MME CircleThe International Committee of Military Medicine, the ICMM Reference Centre for Education of International Humanitarian Law and Ethics together with local organising committees offer to young Military Medical Personnel, Military Medico-Legal Officers, and Chaplains a course on International Law of Armed Conflict.

The Course is aimed to demonstrate relationships, responsibilities and interdependencies between the specific functions of the medical services and Humanitarian Law.

The course serves to

  • develop the responsibilities of the medical doctor, the medical officer or medical official with respect to the application and the training of Humanitarian Law
  • familiarize course participants with Humanitarian Law
  • establish connections of the Humanitarian Law with the specific mission of the medical services
  • make opportunities and limits of the International Law of Armed Conflict known
  • recognize and analyze current problems and challenges related to Humanitarian Law and the medical ethics within the scope of military operations including peace keeping operations and modern warfare situations,
  • motivate course participants to recognize their responsibility of training Humanitarian Law in their country.

The teaching and training focuses on the Law of Armed Conflict (LoAC)

  • Geneva Conventions
  • Additional Protocols
  • The Hague Conventions
  • Other sources of International Humanitarian Law like Customary International Law


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