The ICMM Center of Reference for Education on IHL and Ethics in cooperation with the Medical Services Directorate of the Swiss Armed Forces and the ZH Center for Military Medical Ethics at Zurich University convene their joint

11th Workshop on Military Medical Ethics
16-18 June 2022 | Hybrid Workshop (on site and via zoom)
Hotel Seaside in Spiez (Switzerland)

The Future of Military Health Care – Utopian and Dystopian Prospects
on the Role of (Military) Health Care Providers



Continuing from our previous workshops on risk (2019), medical innovation (2018), and hybrid warfare (2016), the 11th MME Workshop in 2022 shall focus on how (bio-) technological developments on the one hand and the changing modes of warfare on the other hand will shape the future role of military health care providers (HCP). The fundamental legal and ethical obligations of HCP (e.g. neutrality, impartiality, medical ethics) have to prove themselves in the wake of technological developments and new forms of warfare, which both have the potential to cause disruptive changes.

Change can of course be positive or negative. It can transform the world for the better or for the worse, it can lead to the realization of utopian or dystopian prospects. In the 2022 workshop, we want to discuss the potential of new technologies to improve medical care, to provide more effective force protection, etc but also take into account how the role of (mililtary) HCP may be impacted, modified, or transformed over time either intentionally or as an indirect long-term effect of using future technologies.

As we would like to include a variety of perspectives presentations will include reports, scientific papers and studies on emerging technologies, as well as philosophical papers and legal background analyses. According to the tradition of the workshop series, we have invited presentations by academics and researchers as well as military and humanitarian health care providers.

The outcome of the workshop shall be published and is intended to help policy-makers define ethical and legal boundaries with respect to the use of future technologies and with respect to transforming the role of HCP and health care more generally.

SIWF Accreditation

The MME workshop 2022 has been accredited by the Swiss Institute for Postgraduate and Further Education in Medicine (SIWF / ISFM) with max. 11 Credit Points. Participants will receive a certificate and can check with their national institutions if the credit points are accepted by them.

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Please be aware that places at the workshop are limited as we want to keep the format of the workshop as close as possible to the previous years, which includes time and opportunity for discussions. These are only possible in a smaller group and we can therefore not accomodate more than 50/60 people in total (including the speakers and faculty members). Participants will be selected with the aim of putting together a well-balanced group of speakers and participants to allow for productive discussions.

Participation is possible on-site in Spiez (~ 30 persons in total) and online via zoom videoconference.

  • Registration for onsite participation is now closed.
    For late registration to participate online please contact Daniel Messelken (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Application for the on-site participation in Spiez

Workshop Fee for on-site participants: 750 CHF
Includes the following:

  • Participation at all workshop sessions
  • Access to online documentation of the workshop
  • 3 Hotel nights (single room) and all meals during the workshop
  • Icebreaker on 15. June and Host nation dinner on 17. June
  • Transport to and from ZRH airport.

Deadline for applications: 16.04.2022 (most rooms are now booked)

Application for the online participation via zoom 

Workshop Fee for online participants: 50 CHF
Includes the following:

  • Access to the online workshop
  • Access to online documentation of the workshop

Criteria for selection

  • The motivation and previous knowledge/ expertise/ experience of applicants
  • The function and institutional role of applicants
  • Date the application is received
  • The number of participants per country can be limited

Deadline for applications (online participation): 29 May 2022
For late registration to participate online please contact Daniel Messelken (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Online workshop – Technical information

  • The workshop will be held via the zoom videoconferencing software. Participants are responsible that the internet connection and technical requirements are met.
  • The number of participants will be restricted as we want to encourage a similar engagement with the audience as usual at the Forum Lilienberg.
  • Livestreaming to YouTube is not planned, neither will recordings be made or allowed.

Workshop organisation

Scientific Coordination

Dr. phil. Daniel Messelken
Lt Col David Winkler, MD, PhD

Organisation & Logistics

Zurich Center for Military Medical Ethics
Swiss Armed Forces, Medical Services Directorate
ICMM Center of Reference for Education on IHL and Ethics