Workshop CircleThe idea of this Conference Series on Military Medical Ethics is to bring people from all over the world and with different backgrounds together, to share their experience and expertise on specific cases with the goal of thinking about best practices and common guidelines.

Since the first workshop in 2011, annually about 35 participants from the fields of military, international law, and ethics join this workshop every year. Participants from the last years include high ranked representatives from armed forces of several countries around the world but also renowned academic experts, e.g. Prof. Michael Gross, Dr. David Rodin, Dr. Bill Boothby, Prof. Fritz Allhoff, Prof. Paul Gilbert, Prof. Lisa Schwartz, Prof. Heather Draper, Dr. Philippe Calain, Dr. Vivienne Nathanson and representatives of the ICRC, WMA, WHO, and other international organizations.

Results of the workhops have been published by the Reference Centre.


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Results of the workshops have been published in our annual proceedings volumes. Please refer to the subpage to get more information.