The ICMM Center of Reference for Education on IHL and Ethics is organizing several courses and workshops in both IHL and the Law of Armed Conflict on the one side and Military Medical Ethics on the other side.
The courses (both LoAC and MME) are primarily addressed to the medical personnel of armed forces. They are usually one-week courses during which our international teachers introduce to the respecitive topics in lectures which then are applied to case scenarios deepened in classroom discussions.

Courses on the Law of Armed Conflict (LoAC)

LoAC CircleThese courses are organized since 1999. They teach International Humanitarian Law (IHL) with a special focus on those regulations which are mostly relevant to the medical personnel.
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Course on Military Medical Ethics in Times of Armed Conflict

MME CircleThe MME courses are run since 2012 and aim at enabling the medical personnel to reach ethically sound decisions. In these courses, both Ethical Decision-Making and relevant regulations of IHL are taught and applied to several case studies. Participants have the possibility to discuss cases from their own experience if they wish.
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Workshop Series on Military Medical Ethics

WS CircleThe workshop on military medical ethics is more an academic workshop or symposium during which a smaller range of topics is discussed among experts from the military and academia. Since 2011, these workshops have taken place during spring and address issues in Military Medical Ethics.
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