The following bibliography lists (i) publications that have been edited by the ICMM Center of Reference on the one hand and (ii) relevant publications in other contexts that have been written by people who work with the ICMM Center of Reference and (iii) published teaching material of the ICMM Center of Reference.

(i) Publications edited by members of the Center of Reference

(ii) Relevant Publications (co-) authored by Members of the Center of Reference

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        When childhood ends: estimating the age of young people
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        (Download PDF)
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        Direct link to PDF
      • Messelken, Daniel (2015)
        Conflict of Roles and Duties – Why Military Doctors are Doctors
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        Direct link to PDF
        Republished in the ICMM's International Review of the Armed Forces Medical Services, Vol. 88, Nr. 3, pp. 56-59.
        PDF of IRAFMS Reprint.
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        Direct link to PDFMilMedEthics-Gross
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        ISBN 978-1-4094-3898-4
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(iii) Teaching Material

      • Messelken, Daniel, editor
        Textbook for the ICMM Course on Military Medical Ethics in Times of Armed Conflict
        Zürich, 2014. Sixth edition: 2018.
        Available only for course participants. Please contact us if you are interested in more information about this collection.
      • Messelken, Daniel; Baer, Hans U (2012), editors
        Textbook for the 1st Advanced Course in International Humanitarian Law and Military Medical Ethics
        Zürich, 2012. No longer available.



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